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Your business reputation is too important to put at risk by compromising the quality of pest control. With American Pest Control Systems commercial services, our bottom line is looking after yours.

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Your facilities are expected to be safe, sanitary environments that are free of pests.
We will develop a control program for your facility and property needs. We provide services that are discreet and convenient, we do it all with sensitivity for your concerns regarding your customers and patrons. Pests can promote health risks and create unsanitary conditions that can cause serious consequences. Our goal is to get materials in contact with areas that the pests colonize. Our professionals are well trained and understand your industry and know from experience how to service your business

Service Plans Customized to Fit Your Needs 

American Pest Control Systems provides free estimates and develops a customized service plan to fit each client’s individual needs. Our technicians will inspect the inside and outside of your facility to develop the right treatment plan. The inspection is the most important segment of the service. It is critical that we identify the problem in order to establish the correct treatment protocol.
Outside: Our technicians will identify and treat potential points of entry for pests. A protective band will be applied around your building to create a pest proof barrier, preventing pests from entering your establishment.
Inside: All entry points and common pest harborage areas will be inspected and treated. This treatment targets pests currently hiding in your facility.

The IPM Approach – Integrated Pest Management

Six basic steps make up an IPM program:
• Inspecting the area
• Properly identifying the pest problem
• Selecting control methods based on the size and type of the pest problem
• Employing two or more control measures in combination
• Applying materials judiciously
• Evaluating effectiveness
Participation is the Key to Success
Our knowledge of pests and our_experience managing them allows us to develop an effective IPM plan. Yet, IPM is always more effective when our clients are actively involved. Your knowledge of your surroundings, your observance of pest problems, and your cooperation with us, will ensure that the IPM program successfully rids your business of pests in the most environmentally responsible way.

Business Services

• Restaurants
• Hospitals
• Nursing Homes
• Commercial Property
• Industrial Warehousing

• Food Processing Plants
• High-rise Buildings
• Retail Establishments
• Car Dealerships
• Condo and Apartment Complexes


Drain line formulas eliminate organic debris build up in floor drains, air gap drains, grease traps, interceptors, food service waste sites and more. The microbial formulas are safe for plumbing lines, lift station equipment and septic systems

Grease Trap and Drain Line Treatments

If you operate a commercial kitchen, you know the problems faced with keeping drain lines and grease traps free of clogs. By installing the BioStim system, daily doses of grease-eating microbes keep your drain lines free-flowing and working more efficiently. American Pest Control Systems makes this easy for you all at lower maintenance costs

Environmentally Consciencious

American Pest Control Systems have taken many steps to provide our clients with a higher quality, more worthwhile service, including our commitment to provide environmentally responsible pest management. This means using integrated pest management, or IPM, to deal with pest issues. An IPM approach is focused on addressing the three key elements pests need to survive: food, water and shelter. By concentrating on eliminating the sources of these elements, your business becomes a less desirable destination for pests and greatly reduces the likelihood of an infestation. More importantly, IPM aims to correct the root cause of the pest problem, providing you with a long term solution in the least intrusive manner possible

Preventive Maintenance

The #1 solution to pest problems is not only American Pest Control Systems But also “preventive pest control”. We proactively eliminate any existing pest activity and then continue to protect your business with routine maintenance.

We use unmarked Radio Dispatched Trucks

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