Industrial Pest Control Solutions at American Pest Control

  • Sanitation and Structural Inspections
  • Industrial Warehousing
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Hospitals

Your business reputation is too important to put at risk by compromising on the quality of pest control services.

Outside: Our technicians will identify and treat potential points of entry for pests. A protective band will be applied around your building to create a pest-proof barrier, preventing pests from entering your establishment.

Inside: All entry points and common pest harbor areas will be inspected and treated. This treatment targets pests currently hiding in your facility.

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BioStim Drain Maintenance

Environmentally Friendly Drain Treatments

If you operate a commercial or industrial kitchen, you know the problems faced with keeping drain lines and grease traps free of clogs. By installing a BioStim System, daily doses of grease-eating microbes keep your drain lines free-flowing and working more efficiently.

American Pest Control Systems makes this easy for you – all at lower maintenance costs.

How Does BioStim Work?

Drain line formulas eliminate organic debris build-up in floor drains, air gap drains, grease traps, interceptors, food service waste sites and more.

BioStim’s microbial formulas are safe for plumbing lines, lift station equipment and septic systems.

American Pest Control Systems is Environmentally Conscientious

American Pest Control Systems has taken many steps to provide our clients with a reliable, higher quality, more worthy service – including our commitment to provide environmentally responsible pest management. This means using integrated pest management – IPM – to deal with pest issues.

An IPM approach is focused on three key elements that pest need to survive: 1) food; 2) water; 3) shelter.

By concentrating on eliminating the sources of these elements, your business becomes a less desirable destination for pests and greatly reduces the likelihood of an infestation.

More importantly, our Integrated Pest Management System aims to correct the root cause of the pest problem, providing you with a long-term solution in the least intrusive manner possible.